Everybody deserves a good night's sleep

It goes without saying that  2020 hasn't been the year that any of us expected it to be. 

We are also aware that those doing it the hardest are those who were likely already being supported by the many wonderful organisations in our community.

As an Australian business we already support many local community organisations throughout the year. However we are also aware that there are many lesser known organisations that do great work without a lot of fanfare. 

We've decided that this year we'd love to spread our support and ensure that we are supporting the organisations that resonate with our community. 

We've launched the Regal - Everyone Deserves a Good Night's Sleep project - so we can uncover worthy organisations that we may have never heard of.

Our support can take a variety of forms, from team members volunteering their time, monetary donations, special prices for products, prizes for raffles, or promotion of charities to our customers and website visitors. 

We invite you to complete this form and help us learn about the wonderful organisations out there doing good work in our community.

Warm Regards

Regal Sleep Team


T: 1300 247 071