Comfort, Quality and Price Guarantee

Never Beaten Guarantee - We stand proudly behind our products. 

As the Manufacturer of all of our mattresses we proudly stand behind them. 

Every Regal mattress is handcrafted at our Melbourne Factory. Some time ago we made the decision to make our mattresses exclusively using Australian Materials. 

We knew this wasn't the cheapest option - but we also knew it was the best decision for our customers and our business philosophy. It gives us the ability to stand behind every single one of our handcrafted Made in Melbourne mattresses. 

Our springs are made by us using premium Australian Steel. We chose to use only  Premium Foams - all with GECA certification. Our quilting and soft furnishings are all Australian sourced. 

No matter which mattress you choose from our collections, no matter your budget, you're assured of the highest Australian quality mattress you can find. 

Our Won't Be and Never Beaten on Comfort, Quality and Price Guarantee applies to mattresses made in Melbourne that meet all of the following criteria: 

  1. The Mattresses all have Spring Systems manufactured using Premium Australian Steel manufactured in Australia. 
  2. The foams used are exclusively premium foams with GECA Certification. 
  3. The quilting and soft furnishings are Australian supplier sourced and handcrafted. 
  4. The product has the same or similar manufacturing warranty term.