The Regal Story - The Australian Dream

The Regal Story - The Australian Dream

Regal Sleep Solutions is a leading Mattress Store and Mattress Manufacturer selling mattresses, beds and bedding in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Online.  Here at Regal Sleep Solutions we are Australian owned and Australian Made.

Our mattresses are not only recommended by over 1000 health professionals but are manufactured right here in Australia. 

We make our mattresses in Noble Park, Melbourne and we are proudly part of a network which recommends and recognises some of the highest standard of product manufacturing and services in the world - Australian Made.

Family Owned

Regal Sleep Solutions is an Australian owned family business which has been operational since the 1980’s. We have been in the business of providing mattresses (and sweet dreams) to other Australian families for over forty years.

Why Australian Made?

Australian Made is not only important for our economy, but for you. Because we are Australian Made you can have 100% confidence in our mattresses. We are able to offer you a Total Satisfaction Guarantee because we know our products are being made to meet the highest Australian manufacturing standards.  

Australian Craftsmanship

Regal Sleep Solutions mattresses are essentially assembled and created by hand. The care and attention-to-detail during the manufacturing process, in conjunction with the quality ingredients used gives you the best sleep surface possible. You have complete peace of mind that you have the best mattress possible and the deepest sleep you need for a healthy, well balanced body and mind.

Australians: We Take Quality Seriously

Every mattress is hand made to our strict Quality guidelines. No foams are travelling across oceans or sitting for months on end in hot storage containers and no materials cross the equator during the manufacturing process. Every mattress is created using the highest quality Australian Made comfort materials and fabrics. Our top quality pocket spring mattress and in particular the Healthy Life Mattress is developed using the highest quality Australian wool, a high density Australian foam, Australian latex and a memory foam. The final product is an outstanding mattress which perfectly conforms to your body, and offers you quality sleep.

Magnificent Mattresses

A mattress is used more than any other item in Australian households. In today’s increasingly busy world sleep can no longer afford to be a luxury; it is essential to the health and vitality of our society. Our Australian Made mattresses are created with quality craftsmanship and the result is an entire range of magnificent mattresses which support the body with just the right amount lumber pressure. Let Regal give you the perfect sleep solution: Australian Made, Australian Owned. 

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