The Naked Truth – 5 Reasons You Should Sleep in the Buff

The Naked Truth – 5 Reasons You Should Sleep in the Buff

Sleeping in the nude isn’t just a good way to cut costs on pyjamas. According to a number of scientific studies, ditching sleepwear is actually beneficial for your health. From your stress levels to your love life, nighttime nakedness is an all-around health boon. Here are the top five reasons why.

Higher Quality Rest

As you drift off to sleep, your body temperature naturally drops, which is why you’ll often hear us recommend keeping your bedroom cool. Unless your heater breaks in the dead of winter – in which case, by all means, bundle up – pyjamas tend to hold your body temperature at a level that hinders your body’s dip into REM sleep. Bonus: getting less sweaty while you sleep can give you some extra snooze time, since you may be able to skip that morning shower!

A Better Love Life

The reasoning here is pretty self-explanatory, but to put things in scientific terms, sleeping naked next to a partner increases the levels of oxytocin (lovingly referred to as the "cuddle hormone") you produce. This can not only strengthen the bond between you and your partner, but lower your risk of depression, high blood pressure, and intestinal inflammation (who knew?).

Stall the Aging Process

Remember the body temperature issue we just discussed? When your temperature drops during sleep, your body releases more melatonin and growth hormone (HGH), both anti-aging powerhouses. HGH is particularly active during childhood and adolescence, since as you may have guessed, it promotes growth, but it’s also crucial for maintaining healthy tissue in adulthood.

A Smaller Waistline

Sleeping naked helps you burn fat for two reasons. Firstly, deeper, better quality sleep is reliably associated with a healthier weight. Sleep deprivation ravages your hormone balance and makes you more likely to overeat. In addition, there’s a link between lower body temperature and an increased metabolism. One study showed that people who sleep in cooler environments have double the amount of healthy fat (so-called "brown fat, which helps you burn calories to generate heat) than those who sleep in a warm place.

Less Stress

Proper temperature regulation during sleep translates to healthier levels of cortisol. Cortisol gets a bad rap because too much of it is associated with excessive stress, but it’s actually critical to our functioning. In the morning, your levels of cortisol are naturally higher in order to make you feel more awake. However, if you don’t get enough rest, you’ll wake up with abnormally high cortisol levels, and steep stress to match. 

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