Planning The Ideal Bedroom

Planning The Ideal Bedroom

The average person spends more time on their bed than any other piece of furniture in their home, and about a third of their life asleep. Given this, it makes sense that human history is filled with clever attempts to make beds and bedrooms relaxing, enjoyable places to spend time. Even people in ancient societies understood the importance of a good night’s rest, so innovations in sleep technology came earlier than you might think. For instance, did you know that waterbeds were invented in the Roman Empire? 

We’ve come a long way since then. Great sleep retailers like Regal Sleep Solutions consistently pioneer ways to improve the quality of your sleep, which experts agree is as important for good health as diet and exercise.

Naturally, the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed itself, including bed accessories. The first step to finding the perfect bed is choosing one proportionate to the size of your bedroom. A king-sized bed has no place in a small studio apartment, but for comfort, it’s a good idea to choose something as large as possible without overcrowding your other furniture. 

Once you’ve got size figured out, it’s time to start thinking about other features. The beds of ancient Egypt were multipurpose, doubling as couches and daybeds. In the same vein, today’s beds offer a variety of ingenious frills, like pull-out drawers for extra storage, and loft-style frames that fit desks underneath. Depending on the style of your bedroom, you may want to opt for an elegant mahogany sleigh bed, a polished metal frame, or a funky, colourful bunk bed for kids. When you’re looking for bedding or accent pillows, snap a few photos showcasing the style and colour scheme of your bedroom, and take them with you when you go shopping.

Selecting high-quality bed accessories like mattresses, mattress bases, and pillows is just as important as choosing the right bed frame. At Regal, we understand that when it comes to bed accessories, one size does not fit all. Your individual comfort preference, body type, and even certain medical conditions are all factors in selecting the right products for achieving a quality rest.

The combination of a properly fitted mattress, mattress base, and pillow will help support your spine and joints. This will help you avoid morning aches and pains caused by improper skeletal alignment, and save you heaps of time and money spent on trips to the doctor and chiropractor. Once you find the right mattress, it’s a good idea to invest in a mattress protector to help extend the longevity of your purchase. 

Every individual has different needs with respect to their ideal bedroom, and satisfying them in a sea of choices is no easy task. That’s why we expertly train our staff to navigate our huge range of products, all of which come with a total satisfaction guarantee. At Regal Sleep Solutions, everyone is sure to find a perfect fit.

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