Mattress Sizes Around The World

Mattress Sizes Around The World

A king in one place is not necessarily king in another. An Australian on holiday in Japan, used to a cushy 183cm x 203cm king bed, may be surprised to learn that a king bed in a Japanese hotel is 13cm thinner and 8cm shorter than the one at home. This is just one example of how dramatically nominally identical beds can vary in size around the world. Why might this be the case? 

One significant factor is differences in average height between countries. Of course, heights vary significantly within countries as well (and seem to correlate with socioeconomic status as well as genetic differences), but overall there are major observable height disparities across regions of the world. The average male in the Netherlands, which has the world’s tallest population, is about 1.830m tall. Meanwhile, Indonesian males are typically only around 1.580m tall. Accordingly, bed sizes in Asia are the smallest on the spectrum, while beds in Europe are generally wider and longer. Height aside, differences in bed sizes are simply a matter of country convention.

Not only can beds within the same size category, like king or queen, differ from place to place, but some regions introduce categories that don’t exist elsewhere —  as if the system was not confusing enough! In increasing order, size categories available across the world are: small single, single/twin/bunk, single extra long, king/super single, small double/three-quarter, double/full, double extra long, queen, expanded/super/Olympic queen, king, California king/king long, and grand/super/athletic/Texas king. Some selection of these, as well as a few additional uncommon sizes, is available in each country.

Beds in most countries come in about six different sizes, and Singaporean mattresses come in only four. To recap (bear with us): across the world, beds called by the same name can differ in size, the same general size category can go by different names, and size categories that exist in one place don’t necessarily exist in another.

Making heads or tails of this system is no easy task, and as illustrated by the king bed example, the contrast between sizes can be significant. That having been said, it’s worth keeping this information in mind if you plan on purchasing a mattress or bedding from overseas. By the same token, if you plan on gifting an Australian-made mattress to a friend or relative across the water, look up the bed sizes in their region to avoid a nasty surprise. If you have a custom frame, it’s worth confirming its width and length before purchasing a new mattress. There’s nothing worse than paying for expensive shipping and handling on a mattress, only to realize upon delivery that it doesn’t fit your bed frame!

Equally frustrating is purchasing a beautiful set of sheets and discovering that they’re just a few inches too short or too wide for your mattress. Unless otherwise specified, mattresses and bedding will generally match the standard bed frame sizes of their country of origin. However, it’s always worth double-checking, as some manufacturers standardize their mattresses and bedding to European or North American sizes regardless of where they’re sold. Upgrading your sleep surface can be a serious investment, so it’s much better to be safe than sorry!

Please refer to the table below for a handy guide to standard bed sizes in Australia. All Regal Sleep Solutions mattresses are manufactured in Noble Park, Melbourne, according to Australian standard specifications. Most of our mattress come in Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King.

 Mattress Sizes Around the World Regal Sleep Solutions

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