How to sleep cooler on hot nights

How to sleep cooler on hot nights

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it is getting hot outside - and as we move deeper into the summer months, it’s only going to get hotter.

Unfortunately, the heat can drastically affect your ability to get a great night’s sleep. While sleeping in a cold room is nice, leaving the AC on all night can become expensive and isn’t always the preferred personal option.

Tips for staying cool at night.

Cool yourself down before bed

A cool or warm shower before bed will help regulate your body temperature more than a hot shower.

Avoid hot drinks or ‘night caps’ and eating a heavy meal too close to bedtime. Your body shouldn’t have to work overtime to digest food whilst you’re asleep.

Try not to exercise too close to bedtime, leaving at least two hours after exercise before you go to bed will give your body a chance to wind down.

Try a nice cool glass of water before bed instead of the fabled warm milk.

Make sure your bedroom isn’t too hot

Drawing the blinds during the day will keep heat out of your bedroom. Don’t leave your room all closed up.

If possible try to ensure there is natural airflow throughout the day and also at night. Sleeping with closed windows and doors will keep the heat in and your mattress will absorb this heat throughout the night.

Sleeping with fans or natural airflow is preferable to chilled airconditioning. 

Choose the right mattress.  

A mattress with springs will always be cooler than a foam only mattress. A foam only mattress has nowhere for the body heat you generate to go, where as a mattress with springs allows for heat to dissipate.

Choosing a mattress with the right foam layers is as important. Not all foams are created equally. A mattress with foams that are breathable should always be your first choice.

Specialty foams have also entered the market for some exclusive products that have the added advantage of ingredients that help you stay cool throughout the night.

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