How To Share A Bed With Your Partner Without Losing Sleep

How To Share A Bed With Your Partner Without Losing Sleep

If you share your bed with a loved one, you know that it’s not always warm cuddles and pillow-talk.

Sleeping next to another person can be wonderful—especially for men, who reliably sleep better next to a partner, while women tend to experience sleep disturbance next to a partner than when they sleep alone.

Things can be especially difficult when you and your partner’s schedules, light preferences, or other bedroom habits don’t sync up.

Here are five ways to make sleeping as a couple easier. Put these tips into practice, and your health (and relationship) will be better off.

Tackle snoring together

Snoring can be a sensitive issue for couples, but this is one annoying habit you definitely shouldn’t ignore.

While some people are just predisposed to snoring for anatomical reasons, it can also be a symptom of sleep apnea —a potentially fatal medical disorder.

If your partner snores, don’t be afraid to bring it up (gently) and encourage them to seek medical attention.

Consider two doonas

A "European-style" bed set up with two separate doonas can make it much easier to sleep next to someone who tends to tug on the covers. You’ll also be much less likely to disturb your bedmate if you go to sleep or wake up at a different time.

Create a plan of action for restless-child-syndrome

If you have kids, you’ve probably experienced the joy of waking up to a short, shadowy figure looming above you in the middle of the night whispering "mommy (or daddy)… I can’t sleep!"

It can be hard to snap out of a groggy state at 3am, so decide what you’ll do in your waking hours—including who gets to take the little one back to bed. (We recommend a trade-off system).

Set boundaries around light and noise

This is especially important if you and your partner have different sleep schedules. Agree to employ headphones, white noise machines, eye masks, and earplugs as needed to mitigate the difference between your schedules.

Choose a Pocket Spring Mattress - with no partner disturbance features built-in

Our pocket spring mattresses have been designed to minimise the disruption from a tossing and turning bed partner. With firm, medium and plush comfort offerings, and ranges to suit all budgets, our No Partner Disturbance Built-In collections will solve your restless nights. 

Go mattress shopping as a team

A mattress is an important investment in your health, and if you’re both sleeping on it, you should make the purchase together. Regal’s in-store specialists are well equipped to find a mattress that suits your needs as a couple—just be sure that you’re both present for the fitting! 

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