How To Avoid Holiday Burnout With Quality Sleep

How To Avoid Holiday Burnout With Quality Sleep

Christmas is behind us, New Year’s celebrations have been and gone, and if you’re like many Australians, you’re already well on track to experiencing the dreaded holiday burnout.

The holiday season is supposed to leave us refreshed and ready to take on the New Year, but if you don’t balance letting loose with a little self-care, you may end up more tired than you were on the first day of the holiday break. 

As you may suspect your first line of defence against holiday burnout is getting adequate sleep.

With a jam-packed holiday social schedule, It’s inevitable that your regular sleep schedule will shift somewhat, and that’s okay, but you should do what you can to maintain it.

Now is as good a time as any to practice good sleep hygiene both before bed and throughout the day. Making sure your sleep routine doesn’t get wildly out of whack will make you better company at parties anyway.

Speaking of parties, how’s your head feeling these days? If holiday get-togethers are leaving you with a bit of a perpetual hangover, it may be time to slow down. 

The best tip we have is to stay hydrated, rested, and avoid double-dosing caffeine to counteract fatigue. A nap on your Regal Sleep Solutions mattress and a big glass of water are better choices than another flat white or cheeky nightcap. 

Another strategy to combatting holiday fatigue is to stay active. Not only will help keep the holiday pounds at bay, but it’s actually likely to help you sleep better. Combined with quality sleep, light exercise will see you on the track to a healthier and fitter you for the New Year. 

Even a brisk walk or a quick set of pushups is much better than nothing! Better yet, why not make active outdoor activities a family holiday tradition?

On behalf of everyone at Regal Sleep Solutions, we wish you all the best in the New Year. Happy New Year and Happy New You. 

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