Four Ways To Get Your Little Ones To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Four Ways To Get Your Little Ones To Sleep On Christmas Eve

With all the commotion and busyness of the holidays, the last thing anyone needs is to be cranky and sick—doubly so for kids! However, the nervous excitement that comes with knowing Santa is on the way can leave a good night’s sleep out of reach, especially for a high-strung youngster. Here are a few tips for a restful Christmas Eve and, in turn, happier Christmas morning!

Get active on the day of Christmas Eve

We may not have a snowy winter wonderland to play in like our northern neighbours, but Christmas Eve is as good a day as any to get the little ones tuckered out with outdoor games. Working up a sweat on a good hike or beach outing will not only immediately improve their mood, making your last-minute Christmas planning more pleasant, but leave them tired and subdued for the evening ahead.

Keep to their regular bedtime routine

If you can, don’t let the holidays interfere with your children’s typical evening rituals. Keeping a consistent bedtime routine is an important practice for people of all ages, since it helps signal to the body that it’s time for sleep. This can be difficult if you have a house full of guests, but if at all possible, try to get the kids to bed around their regular time.

Limit their sugar intake

Sugary treats are a holiday tradition, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, try to keep the kids from going overboard. Their little bodies are especially sensitive to sugar highs and lows, and loading up on Christmas treats before bed can make it virtually impossible to get to sleep. Make healthy substitutions where you can and if it all possible, keep the kids away from sugary treats in the evening.

Schedule (and stick to) a specific time for opening presents

Tell your kids in advance that you’ll be opening presents at a particular time, and make it clear that they’re not allowed to open them any earlier. The purpose of this is to keep your kids from bounding out of bed at 5AM.

We hope these tips help you and your children get the restful night’s sleep that’s no doubt on your holiday list this year! Remember that staying active, keeping a regular bedtime routine, and avoiding excessive sugar are steps you can take to improve you and your children’s sleep year-round.

Merry Christmas from the Regal Sleep Solutions family to yours!

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