Calculate Your Sleep. What Does It Equal? Rest Or Restless?

Calculate Your Sleep. What Does It Equal? Rest Or Restless?

Did you know you can calculate the best time to go to sleep each night?

Based on your waking time, there are optimum times to drift off. Great sleep maximises the rest and digest response within our bodies, which is integral for repairing tissues and flushing toxins from your system while you sleep. A good night’s sleep stabilises moods, helps you to maintain a healthy weight, increases concentration levels and contributes to a better quality of life.

Before you calculate your ideal time to go to sleep, below are some sleep tip reminders we can all benefit from:

Remember to Relax

Daily relaxation will lower stress hormones and help you to feel blissed out before your head hits that pillow each night. It should be a priority for a healthy life, as research and scientists now stress the importance of having a healthy night’s sleep for our health and quality of life.

For those having trouble unwinding, set aside an hour before bed each night which you do something relaxing to unwind. Turn off electronics, unplug from work and make time in your routine for relaxing things like drinking caffeine-free herbal teas before you go to sleep (lavender is great to promote relaxation), or having a bath with essential oils. Avoid over-stimulation before sleep, including social media and late night email checking.


Scheduling 30 minutes of exercise a day will increase your health, with the added benefits of helping you to relax and unwind.

Exercise offers benefits such as weight loss, muscle toning, and can help to reduce stress hormone levels in the bloodstream. Regular exercise can lower your risk of developing disruptive sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea.

You are what you eat

Having a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you to optimise your health. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine, especially before bed, to avoid sleep issues.


When you were a child, it was likely you had a set bedtime. This can be really helpful for adults too. Going to bed at the same time each night helps to reset your circadian rhythms which contribute to you waking up refreshed!

Calculate your ideal sleep time with a Sleep Calculator

This Regal Sleep Solution’s blog post was inspired by this informative and interactive sleep calculator.

“Almost everybody uses an alarm to wake up. While this is widely practiced in everyday life, what alarms fail to consider is sleep onset latency - the average time it takes a person to fall asleep (14 minutes), and the five stages of sleep. Conversely, our sleep calculator takes both factors into account to provide give you three options of the most optimal times to either go to bed, or if you’re tired now, what time you should aim to wake up” states the Compare the Market’s sleep calculator site.

Use this calculator to help you determine the best time to go to sleep each night.

Bedroom Environment

Having a hygienic bedroom involves creating a space which supports your rest and relaxation efforts. High quality bedding and a high quality mattress is integral. Regal mattresses are recommended by over 3000 Health Professionals, and with a total satisfaction guarantee, Regal Sleep Solutions is your one stop shop for all your bedding needs.

Other things to keep in mind for your bedroom include clean sheets, a supportive pillow and a comfortable room temperature. Relaxing muted colour schemes in the bedroom and sheets made from breathable materials can also help you to drift off.

A great night’s sleep is worth it with benefits ranging from improved concentration and memory, weight loss, improved attractiveness, greater immunity and boosted creativity. Reject nights of tossing and turning and take the first step in creating a healthy lifestyle which supports getting the most out of your life.

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