5 Tips For Sound Sleep In The Great Outdoors

5 Tips For Sound Sleep In The Great Outdoors

Here in Australia, we’re blessed with access to gorgeous natural wonders most people can only dream about. Whether you like the rainforest, beach, or mountains, there’s really something here for everybody. And what better way to enjoy it than to take the family out on a camping trip?

Unfortunately, otherwise great holidays can be spoilt by chilly, itchy nights of bad sleep. If you’ve experienced this, you know that poorly rested people do not make for great holiday companions.

Until we figure out a way to make Regal Sleep mattresses easily portable, you can rely on these five simple tips to sleep soundly in the bush.

Choose the right bedding

There are so many choices available in camping bedding these days. Generally, air mattresses beat foam rolls for comfort, and self-inflating mats (SIMS) are convenient if you’re planning on doing a lot of trekking, since they roll up small.

An important thing to remember is that if it’s going to be chilly at night, you should to insulate your sleeping surface from the bottom to help minimize heat loss. Lay a blanket or a piece of foam between your mat and the floor.

Lastly, if you have space, it’s a good idea to bring a pillow you like—sometimes this makes all the difference!

Keep bugs at bay

The romance of sleeping under the stars quickly fades when you’re marauded by an army of hungry mosquitoes. Make sure to keep your tent door zipped closed, and if you’re sleeping outside, use a good waterproof bug-spray.

In addition, even though it’s somewhat of a mystery what attracts bugs to certain humans, it’s always a good idea to avoid fragrant personal hygiene products when camping.

Control the temperature

Just as with choosing clothing when the weather is uncertain, have an appropriate base and bring layers. Choose a sleeping bag that’s suitable for the weather and bring blankets to layer on top of the bag so that you don’t get soaked with sweat and end up catching a chill.

Keep yourself clean

What’s a rarely-addressed wilderness sleep stealer? Sleeping in a tent with someone who smells like the wildlife you went to see. Baby wipes are a godsend for camping trips.

Stay active during the day

Indulging in active outdoor activities will help you sleep soundly through the night. Whether you’re hiking, swimming, or throwing a ball around with your kids, take advantage of the natural landscape and enjoy restful sleep as a reward.

Enjoy the great outdoors - and if it helps, dream about when you'll be safely back in your home sleeping on your Regal Sleep mattress.

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