5 Common Nightmares And Theories About Their Meaning

5 Common Nightmares And Theories About Their Meaning

According to many experts, dream interpretation is a bit of a fool's errand, but it’s still fun to speculate about what your dreams might mean. Here are five common nightmares and what they may say about your life.

Being naked in public

It’s 9:15 on a Monday and you’re late for the big meeting. Cursing traffic, you speed-walk into the office (doing your best to look casual), burst into the meeting room, look down at your briefcase and… it seems you’ve forgotten more than just setting your alarm. If you’ve had a nightmare about being naked in public—especially in a high-stakes scenario like a work meeting or get-together with your in-laws—you may feel vulnerable or insecure about something important in your real life.

Teeth falling out

Losing teeth in a dream can feel shocking and sinister. If you dream about losing your teeth, you may be suffering from anxiety in your day-to-day life, especially concerning your physical appearance. 

Being chased

One of the most common features of dreams about being chased is not knowing exactly who or what you’re running from. You just know you have to get away! Even worse when you’re being chased through a labyrinth-like setting. The prevailing wisdom about these types of dreams is that you’re "running" from something in your waking life—whether it be a responsibility, a feeling, or a person. 

A Dark, Ominous Figure

There are few things more terrifying than dreaming of a shadowy, threatening figure. The figure may or may not actually be visible. Sometimes, it’s more like a dark presence you perceive but can’t see. Some say that dreaming of dark figures signifies serious change in your life, or gnawing doubt about a particular course of action. 


Rest assured—dreaming about death doesn’t signify its imminence. Rather, death-related dreams may signal the end of an important chapter. If you’ve recently made a significant move from one phase of your life to another, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself dreaming about death.

Remember to take these ideas with a grain of salt, since making sense of dreams is far from an exact science. If you have persistent nightmares that interfere with your sleep, make sure to seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

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