10 Feel-Good Songs To Start Your Day

10 Feel-Good Songs To Start Your Day

There are a few things you should do every morning to set yourself up for a good day: Drink water, stretch, expose your eyes to natural light, and groove to your favourite uplifting music. If your morning playlist is looking a little stale, try this mix of classic tunes.

"It's a beautiful day, sky falls, you feel like, it’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away…"

Just try listening to this without dancing!

If you manage to dissociate this hit with that one scene in Reservoir Dogs, it makes for a cheerful and relaxing morning soundtrack.

You can’t make a morning playlist with including this tune, because no matter what, it’s always there to remind us that every little thing will be alright.

Fans of funk music will be familiar with this 1969 instrumental. If you like to dance your way through the morning, this one is for you.


A good choice if you need a little extra convincing that you’re gonna love today.

Mellow, happy, and the tiniest bit wistful—an appropriate morning soundtrack :)

Nothing like a little Lou Reed for a morning pick-me-up.

A mellow classic for mornings when you’re not in a rush.

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